Acoustic wall decors

decoration with sound
absorbing function

Acoustic Wall Decors

calming decoration

Papaya acoustic wall decors are a unique wall decoration that provides a multi-sensory experience.
They decorate and calm the room at the same time. Their textures and colours can soothe and help focus.
Bring the calm inside.





The more of them, the more pleasing and quiet it gets.

Papaya acoustic panels are highly adaptable to any interior and design. A single one will serve as an original decoration, and a blend consisting of several panels will additionally effectively mute the space.

The unique shape and soft colours are pleasing to the eye. The soundproofing properties will allow you to take a break from the noise and enjoy some tranquil moments. The specially selected finishing materials are mellow and smooth.

Papaya acoustic wall decors

The right choice

Wide range of colours

Certificates for public utility buildings

Easy installation

2 in 1 – decoration with an acoustic function

A unique blend of form, colour and texture

Polish product made by local craftsmen


Natura 2022

Collection OCEAN

Collection OCEAN

The OCEAN collection consists of three shades of blue
light, medium i dark blue

They will look perfect in modern interiors,
visibly refining the space

light blue

medium blue

dark blue

light blue

Collection Forest

Collection FOREST

The FOREST collection consists of three shades of green
light, medium i dark

They make a perfect match when paired as well as in larger sets composed of the full range of colours in the collection.

light green

medium green

medium green

dark green

medium green

Collection Natural

Collection NATURAL

The NATURAL collection includes two shades of pink
light and dark and sandy beige

A delicate and subtle touch to both
classic and modern interiors

light pink

dark pink


dark pink

Collection Sun

Collection SUN

The SUN collection includes
light i dark honey and fiery ginger

To fill the interior with warmth and bring in good vibes

light honey

dark honey


light honey

Creations and arrangements

Our panels are ideal for:

• offices, hotels, restaurants, SPAs
• entrance halls, conference rooms
• flats, houses and apartments



Blue City / Warszawa

Blue City / Warszawa

Media Saturn / Warszawa

Media Saturn / Warszawa

Media Saturn / Warszawa



Arrangement 1

Arrangement 2

Arrangement 3

Arrangement 4

Arrangement 5

Arrangement 6

Arrangement 7

Arrangement 8

Arrangement 9

Arrangement 10

Arrangement 11

Arrangement 12

Arrangement 13

Arrangement 14

Arrangement 15

Arrangement 16

Arrangement 17

Arrangement 18

Arrangement 19

We have always been passionate about beautiful objects and exciting interiors.
We believe that beauty can combine with functionality.

We created sensory acoustic panels.
They awaken the senses by calming down, attracting attention, and being soft to the touch.

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